‘Orange Is the New Black’s’ Taylor Schilling injured during sex scene

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Schilling suffered a mishap while filming

She said there was blood

The Hollywood Reporter  — 

Disrobing can be painful, as”Orange Is the New Black” star Taylor Schilling recently learned while shooting the Netflix series’ third season.

The actress appeared on a recent episode of “Late Night,” where she told host Seth Meyers that she cut herself on her name tag while taking her top off during a sex scene.

“I hurt myself,” Schilling said. “I got very excited, I took my shirt off and I scratched myself with my little name tag.”

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“There was a gash on my face — there was blood,” she continued, adding that the show needed to take an hour break from filming while she had the cut looked at.

Orange’s third season is currently available to stream on Netflix. Schilling’s “Late Night” segment can be seen below:

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