Black market butt injections: dangerous and deadly

Illegal buttocks injections can result in infection, scarring and even death

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  • Buttock augmentation procedures using fat grafting have increased 15% from 2013 to 2014
  • Illegal buttocks injections can result in infection, scarring, discolored skin, loss of limbs and even death
  • The American Society of Plastic Surgery recommends all patients use a board-certified plastic surgeon

(CNN)Sophelay Ouk, 30, of Rhode Island, didn't realize her wish for a more voluptuous derriere would lead to additional, and dangerous, baggage.

"I wanted the round butt. The whole J-Lo look," Ouk said, explaining her insecurities about her body and her desire to transform it.
    Ouk isn't alone in craving curves. In fact, buttock augmentation is one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgical procedures, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
    According to a 2014 report, 11,505 buttock augmentation procedures using fat grafting -- where fat is transferred from the abdomen or thighs to the buttocks region -- were performed last year. That's an increase of 15% from 2013. Buttock implants, another augmentation procedure, increased 98%, from 942 procedures in 2013 to 1,863 in 2014.
    Fat grafting procedures have since become the go-to procedure, according to Dr. Scot B. Glasberg, president of the ASPS. Perfecting the techniques for a fat transfer procedure, commonly called the "Brazilian butt lift," has been one of the instigators for increased demand.
    The second factor? Pop culture. "Whether it's Kim Kardashian (or) Jennifer Lopez," there's been significant exposure of the buttocks in the entertainment world, according to Glasberg, who is also affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. But butt augmentation procedures are costly, averaging approximately $4,500, not including anesthesia, operating room facilities and other related expenses.
    "I wasn't ready to dish out $10,000 or $20,000 for a Brazilian butt lift," Ouk explained. Then she heard about a less expensive alternative. A friend had achieved amazing results from butt injections for only $2,500 from a "Dr. David." Ouk made an appointment.
    "Everything seemed so legit," she recalled. Dr. David, the injector, showed credentials, saying he practiced as a doctor in both the Dominican Republic and Florida. And even though the procedure was done in a three-story house, the space was set up just like a clinic, says Ouk. There were even other girls waiting for similar procedures.
    Ouk was told the butt injections were safe, and indeed, the results were instant. Unfortunately, other symptoms were instant, too.

    'You can't fix death'

    "That whole night was just a nightmare," Ouk remembered. "I was just so shaky. I couldn't breathe." Dr. David told her to drink lots of water and discouraged her from going to the hospital, but Ouk went the next day -- the first of more than 25 trips she says she made over the next year and a half.
    Meanwhile, Dr. David had vanished. The thre