Amy Schumer performs during One Kid One World's 3rd Annual Night Of (At Least) 18 Laughs at Largo in 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

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Schumer wants critics to chill out

She says it's all jokes

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Amy Schumer is weighing in on criticism that her comedy features material that is racially insensitive.

The “Inside Amy Schumer”star posted a message to Twitter on Sunday in which she wrote that her comedy satirizes other people’s views on race. The Twitter post appeared to be in response to a Guardian article published Sunday that faulted the comedian for a “shockingly large blind spot around race,” citing “lazy jokes about Latina women being ‘crazy’ ” from Schumer’s hosting stint at this year’s MTV Movie Awards.

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“I am a comic,” Schumer responded. “I am so glad more people are laughing at me and with me all of a sudden. I will joke about things you like, and I will joke about things you aren’t comfortable with. And that’s OK. Stick with me and trust I am joking.”

“I go in and out of playing an irreverent idiot,” continued the star of the forthcoming film “Trainwreck.” “That includes making dumb jokes involving race. I enjoy playing the girl who time to time says the dumbest thing possible, and playing with race is a thing we are not supposed to do, which is what makes it so fun for comics.”

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Schumer, who was praised in the Guardian story for the feminist angle of her material, added: “You can call it a ‘blind spot for racism’ or ‘lazy,’ but you are wrong. It is a joke and it is funny. I know that because people laugh at it.”

Her tweet can be seen below.

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