Greek crisis in memes: 'Grease', bounced checks and, of course, cats

The Greek crisis illustrated by Niall O'Loughlin for the Irish Independent.

(CNN)Greece. A government debt of $323 billion, an economy that's dropped by a quarter and banks that have closed their doors and ATMs -- you can cry, or you can laugh. Many have opted for the latter.

So, who's actually to blame?

Greece missed its deadline to pay the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Tuesday. A promising relationship with the European Union has descended into a spectacle, leaving many on the edge of their seats.
    Well, anything's better than drowning your sorrows.
    But it's always best to let rip...
    ... one at a time though. Long queues of people have been waiting to access their cash, despite daily limits of 60 euros (about $67).

    The glory that was Greece

    Gods and Goddesses, the Acropolis and the Olympic Games -- it's unsurprising that many are looking to the country's ancient past...
    ... and if you're heading to Greece, there may be a few added ruins you won't find in that travel guide.