Map: Where the 2016 candidates are being Googled

New York (CNN)So, who and where are 2016 candidates being Googled the most?

The interactive map provided to CNN by Google News Lab is the first detailed map of candidate search data over the last six months. The map shows top candidate search by each area of the country:
The map shows Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton has been the most Googled candidate over the last six months, even in most parts of the battleground state Florida, which is home to both Republican candidates Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.
    Los Angeles and Las Vegas are searching Donald Trump the most, while interest in expected presidential hopeful Scott Walker is limited to his home state of Wisconsin. Google search for Bernie Sanders is also limited to his home state of Vermont, peaking in the Burlington area. This is also the case for Republican candidate Bobby Jindal, who is searched most in the capitol region of his home state, Louisiana.
    Colorado is mostly searching Hillary Clinton, with a tiny sliver of the state in Grand Junction and Montrose, Colorado searching about Bush.
    It's tough to tell so early on what any of this might mean, and there's no telling what this map will look like six months from now. Ultimately, the map shows the two candidates garnering national interest in diverse areas across the U.S., Clinton and Jeb Bush.