Andrew Cotton: Surfing the world's biggest waves

Published 1111 GMT (1911 HKT) July 6, 2015
andrew cotton emerges from waveandrew cotton emerges from wave
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Andrew Cotton's passion and profession is tackling the world's biggest waves on his surfboard. FRANCISCO LEONG/AFP/Getty Images
Based in Croyde in the United Kingdom, he is rarely happier than when being engulfed by enormous waves. Richie Hopson/Red Bull Content Pool
A perfect surfing beach is on his doorstep on the Devon coastline that surrounds his family home. Richie Hopson/Red Bull Content Pool
The 35-year-old gets into the water at any given opportunity. Richie Hopson/Red Bull Content Pool
But it is the monster waves that really draw him, each one lasting no more than five to 10 seconds. Sharp's Brewery
Cotton, a mere speck in the distance, gained global notoriety in late 2013 when he tackled a wave in Portugal estimated to be between 60-80 feet. Sharp's Brewery
Cotton plays down the dangers of his profession, adamant that safety measures are in place to minimize any risk. Sharp's Brewery
A father of two, Cotton travels the world chasing the best waves. Richie Hopson/Red Bull Content Pool
It was not long ago that Cotton thought about quitting life as a professional surfer to go back to work as a plumber. red bull
But with sponsors such as Sharp's Brewery and Red Bull, he has been able to chase his dream. Richie Hopson/Red Bull Content Pool
Cotton had started on the traditional route of contest surfing, but struggled at local level before being attracted to the lure of the big waves. Richie Hopson/Red Bull Content Pool
Today, he is considered one of the world's leading exponents of big-wave surfing. Sharp's Brewery