Barack Obama returns to Kenya. What would you show him?

A Kenyan hawker holds up a poster of Barack Obama with the "Arrangements for Obama visit" written in the Luo language in Nairobi on July 11, 2015.

(CNN)When Barack Obama took office in 2008, a fervor swept across Kenya as many in the country celebrated the U.S. president's success.

This month, Obama will make his fourth trip (and first as president) to his father's homeland and once again the pride of a nation is emerging.
Obama will be in Kenya for bilateral meetings and the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit, a yearly conference of government officials, business leaders and international organizations, which takes place from July 24-26.
    So, here's a challenge for you: If you were President Obama's tour guide in Kenya, where would you bring him and why? It could be anything from a beautiful area and a popular haunt to a fun activity and a favored place.
    Share your favorite places in Kenya on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ShowObamaKenya and you could be featured on CNN!