Ho Feng Shan: The ‘Chinese Schindler’ who saved thousands of Jews

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Ho Feng Shan was the consul general in Vienna for the Nationalist Chinese government from 1938 to 1940

He rescued tens of thousands of Jews by issuing visas to Shanghai

However, his heroic acts only came to light after his death

Hong Kong CNN  — 

When Ho Feng Shan died at the age of 96, he took a secret to his grave. The only clue was a single sentence in his obituary in 1997.

Throughout his long life, Ho never mentioned his heroic deeds during World War II — not to his wife, his children or friends.

During 1938 to 1940, Ho, the consul general of the then Nationalist Chinese government’s consulate in Vienna, saved perhaps tens of thousands of Jews from the Holocaust with just a stroke of his pen.

When Jews desperately sought visas to escape from Nazi-occupied Austria, he issued thousands — in defiance of his superior’s orders.