British man accused of plotting to attack U.S. military personnel

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  • British prosecutors: Junead Ahmed Khan and Shazib Ahmed Khan plotted to join ISIS
  • Junead Ahmed Khan accused of plan to attack U.S. military personnel in UK, prosecutors say
  • The men were set to appear in court Tuesday

(CNN)British prosecutors have charged a man and his uncle with trying to join ISIS. The nephew, 24-year-old Junead Ahmed Khan, has also been charged with planning a terror attack on U.S. military personnel in the United Kingdom.

The uncle, Shazib Ahmed Khan, is 22. The men are from Luton, north of London.
    Metropolitan Police investigated the men and found "sufficient evidence" to charge them, said Deborah Walsh, deputy head of counterterrorism at the Crown Prosecution Service.
    The uncle and nephew were allegedly planning to travel to Syria to join ISIS, according to a statement from the Crown Prosecution Service. It gave no further details about the alleged plot to attack military personnel or the duo's purported plans to join the terror network.
    They were set to appear Tuesday in Westminster Magistrates' Court.