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Here are some highlights from a newly released 2005-2006 deposition of Bill Cosby related to a civil suit brought by former Temple University basketball coach Andrea Constand. She is one of dozens of women who accuse Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. Cosby has never been charged with a crime and denies the allegations of sexual assault.

Constand’s attorney Dolores Troiani questions Cosby. The deposition doesn’t reflect anyone’s side except for Cosby’s. CNN has excluded the names of accusers who have not responded publicly to their names being mentioned in the deposition.
Cosby denies any criminal acts but says this about a Jane Doe:

cosby deposition quote 01

Cosby admits to giving Quaaludes to other women:

cosby deposition quote 02

Cosby describes sex with Constand when he uses his hand to touch her:

cosby deposition quote 03

Cosby describes how he believes women react to sex:

cosby deposition quote 04

Cosby said he had seven prescriptions for Quaaludes during the ’70s for a bad back and intended to give them to women he socialized with:

cosby deposition quote 05

Troiani asked Cosby how he ended one of his affairs:

cosby deposition quote 06a
cosby deposition quote 06b

Cosby admits he expressed empathy for a young model whose father died of cancer because he wanted to have sex with her:

cosby deposition quote 07a
cosby deposition quote 07b

Cosby said that because Constand expressed to him that she wanted a “tight butt” that gave him permission to touch her buttocks:

cosby deposition quote 08

Cosby on his talent at knowing someone’s unspoken wants:

cosby deposition quote 09