A small look at a big problem

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  • Eduardo Leal photographed plastic bags that are polluting the Bolivian Altiplano
  • He hopes the images will make people take a second look at their own habits

(CNN)In 2010, the Guinness Book of World Records named the plastic bag the "most ubiquitous consumer item" in the world, with trillions made every year.

Unfortunately, many of them are not recycled.
    Plastic bags can be found everywhere on the planet, from the very top of Mount Everest to the deep depths of the oceans, photographer Eduardo Leal said. And Leal's "Plastic Trees" photos, shot on the Bolivian Altiplano plateau, further illustrate this global environmental concern.
      "The series is called 'Plastic Trees,' but actually they are little bushes. ... I turned them into trees (by) photographing from a low angle," Leal said. "Turning little bushes into big trees was to show the size of the problem."
      The photos were all shot at sunset, resulting in a captivating consistency and organic golden glow. By photographing a grave issue in a visually aesthetic manner, Leal challenges viewers to consider their own treatment toward the environment.
      Photographer Eduardo Leal
      "Sometimes when it's a problem, we tend to shout,"