What if Africa was a bar? Twitter erupts in pan-continental satire fest

Kenyans enjoy a drink at the Tropez club in Nairobi.

(CNN)Africa is many things to many people, but what if it was a bar?

What started with a call-out from a young Botswanan writer quickly sparked a Twitter debate about the state of African geopolitics.
Siyanda Moutsiwa, a 22-year-old from Gaborone, thought she'd take "a classic writing prompt" -- used in workshops to imagine character interaction -- and apply it to the whole continent.
    Twitter did not disappoint.
    The economy, colonialism, imperialism and corruption were satirized with a heavy dose of wry humor -- extravagant fashion didn't escape unscathed either.

    A geopolitical barometer

    There was a serious point to all this gentle ribbing.
    "A lot of trending topics on African Twitter tend to be negative; it's usually people complaining," Moutsiwa told CNN. "I thought it would be fun to do something we all participated in that was light-hearted and educational for everyone involved."
    Siyanda Moutsiwa, 22, a Botswana-based writer.