Photos from a city under siege

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Photographer Guillaume Binet spent nearly two weeks in the besieged city of Aden, Yemen

Houthi rebels, which ousted the country's President in March, have the city surrounded

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Every 10 minutes, a randomly targeted shell explodes, rattling the windows and doors in Aden’s city center. Once a bustling port in Yemen, Aden has been reduced to rubble, ravaged by the incessant shelling of the Houthi militia that has the city surrounded.

Photographer Guillaume Binet landed in Aden in late June and spent nearly two weeks taking riveting photos of the besieged city.

“I was there during Ramadan, and there was bombing, shelling and fighting all day,” Binet said. “It got particularly worse at 6:30 or 7 p.m. when everyone would leave their houses to break the fast. The Houthis would fire lots of rockets then. Everyone sleeps in the city center to avoid the shelling, but each time a bomb falls, it kills a family.

“The women spend their days looking for food, the men are expected to fight and defend the city. The kids are really just alone in the streets. When they turn 14, the boys are given Kalashnikovs and are expected to fight as well.”