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Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump stood by his comments Friday that he would build a wall along the Mexican border and that Mexico would pay for it. But he gave a slightly better idea why that would happen: his stellar negotiating skills.

“I will build the wall and Mexico’s going to pay for it and they will be happy to for it. Because Mexico is making so much money from the United States that that’s going to be peanuts,” Trump, who’s polling at the front of the GOP primary pack, told CNN on Friday. “And all these other characters say, ‘Oh, they won’t pay, they won’t pay.’ They don’t know the first thing about how to negotiate. Trust me, Mexico will pay.”

Trump has yet to provide many details on how he would build a wall and how much it would cost, but the prospect seems highly unlikely.

A CNN fact check found that Trump’s immigration proposals, detailed in interviews this week, would likely cost billions of dollars.

CNN’s Max Foster contributed to this report.