Hitler's Olympics: Jewish runners 'betrayed' by U.S. Athletics

    (CNN)He had defeated Jesse Owens and the world was at his feet.

    Except there was one snag: Sam Stoller was Jewish.
    Stoller and fellow Jewish-American athlete Marty Glickman arrived at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin with dreams of glory -- but they left chastened in an episode which still haunts the world's most famous Games to this very day.
      "Anti-Semitism was the basic reason, I believe, that Sam and I didn't get to run at the Olympic Games," Glickman said when asked about the incident before he passed away in 2001.
        As Hitler stood and watched, attempting to project his vision of Aryan dominance to the world, African-American sprinter Owens shattered the myth the Nazis so desperately craved to display.