Buzz Aldrin's travel expenses for mission to moon and back: $33.31

Story highlights

  • Buzz Aldrin shares his travel expenses forms from the 1969 moon mission
  • He also posts a customs form in which the astronauts declare moon rock and dust
  • Aldrin jokes about concerns over the moon dust -- and how some of it ended up in the ocean

(CNN)It's the travel expense claim to top all others -- $33.31 to go to the moon and back.

American astronaut Buzz Aldrin has been sharing some of his paperwork from the 1969 moon landing mission.
The forms, an intriguing mix of the mundane and the extraordinary, include a list of "points of travel" that's hard to beat: Houston -- Cape Kennedy -- the moon -- the Pacific Ocean -- Hawaii -- and then back to Houston.
Slightly over $30 seems like a pretty small amount to claim for such a big trip. But those expenses appear to essentially be for Aldrin's use of a private vehicle while on the ground.