River Plate triumph in Copa Libertadores final against Mexican side Tigres

By Matias Grez

Published 1259 GMT (2059 HKT) August 6, 2015
River Plate bus paradeRiver Plate bus parade
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River Plate players parade the newly-won Copa Libertadores trophy around their Monumental stadium after defeating Tigres 3-0. JUAN MABROMATA/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
Victory was made all the sweeter for their fans after having suffered relegation to the second-tier of Argentine football for the first time in their history just four years ago. ALEJANDRO PAGNI/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
It was the third Libertadores title the Buenos Aires club has won in their history, 19 years after claiming their last. JUAN MABROMATA/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
"The history of this club is about fighting for these kind of competitions," midfielder Leonardo Ponzio said after the win. "Today is the greatest that you can achieve as a club and we did it." ALEJANDRO PAGNI/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
Tigres players were left disappointed after becoming the third Mexican team to reach the final of South America's most prestigious club competition and come away empty-handed. JUAN MABROMATA/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
Lucas Alario (left) celebrates after opening the scoring for River on the stroke of half time on a wet night at the Monumental. JUAN MABROMATA/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
"I'm incredibly happy for the fans who are enjoying this party," said River Plate manager Marcelo Gallardo. "And we are going for more." ALEJANDRO PAGNI/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
River's win must have been hard to take for fellow Buenos Aires club Boca Juniors. Earlier in the competition, Boca were thrown out of the tournament when River players were attacked in the tunnel at half-time during a Copa Libertadores match between the two Buenos Aires clubs.