Desperate, determined and aiming for England

Published 1220 GMT (2020 HKT) August 10, 2015
01 calais jungle refugee camp01 calais jungle refugee camp
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The camp sprawls over about 40 acres of sand dunes once used for landfill, with different nationalities in different sections. Florence Davey-Attlee/CNN
Mohammed is from Sudan. "Life is very hard in Sudan," he says. "I want to go to England to get a good education. There is very good education in England and I already speak English." Florence Davey-Attlee/CNN
Some local residents, resigned to staying in the camp at least semipermanently, have taken jobs. This is Alpha, from North Africa, who has become the local builder. He uses materials donated by local French people. Florence Davey-Attlee/CNN
A local charity hands out food. People cover up their faces when the cameras are around because they don't want their families at home to see them in these conditions. Many people tell their families they are doing well in Europe. Florence Davey-Attlee/CNN
The hospital tent is run by Medecins du Monde. They see many broken arms and legs, as well as cuts and scrapes after people have tried to climb into trucks and over fences. They are also seeing scabies and respiratory infections from the living conditions in the camp and the dust. Florence Davey-Attlee/CNN
The Eritrean/Ethiopian Christian Orthodox church in the camp is made from materials donated by local people including local churches. Around 100 people pray here every day, according to the pastor, who is a migrant himself. Florence Davey-Attlee/CNN
A sign reads "no credit" in three languages. Shopkeepers don't give loans to customers who they know might be on a truck across the English Channel the next day. Florence Davey-Attlee/CNN
The local school, where migrants can learn French, recently opened. Florence Davey-Attlee/CNN
Saeed is from Afghanistan. "I want to go now to England," he says. "Maybe I get some chance there to keep some opportunity for my life. I have a future, I'm 25 years old. England gives me more opportunity, because you can work there. In France you cannot work." Florence Davey-Attlee/CNN