Traditional Brazilian sports bidding for Olympic limelight

Updated 0938 GMT (1738 HKT) August 11, 2015
Rio Olympics hanglidingRio Olympics hangliding
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Athletes competing in some of Brazil's more obscure sports are eager to get their chance to impress at future Olympic Games. If you direct your eyes upwards while Rio de Janeiro, you'll see paragliders taking leaps of faith from some of the city's highest points. Vasco Cotovio CNN
The idea is to fly for up to 150 kilometers and the first to the finish line over a series of races wins, similar to a sailing regatta. Vasco Cotovio CNN
Footvolley was invented in the 1960s and is commonly played on beaches across Brazil. "We're fighting to make it an Olympic sport," footvolley player Ricardo Martins told CNN. Vasco Cotovio CNN
The art of capoeira was developed in the 16th century by African slaves who wanted to disguise practice fighting as dancing. Vasco Cotovio CNN
It is an acrobatic mix of martial arts and dance performed to the music of a "berimbau." "It's difficult to imagine a competition with points for this or that, who wins, who loses," says mestre Enrique Anistasio de Jesus. Vasco Cotovio CNN