FIFA: Prince Ali says Michel Platini isn't the "right man" to be president

    (CNN)He's the front runner to succeed Sepp Blatter as FIFA president, but Michel Platini isn't the "right man" to clean up the world governing body, says Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein.

    "I personally respect Platini as a player and a president of the European Football Union; and we met and I listened to his opinion," the president of the Jordan Football Association told CNN Arabic in an exclusive interview.
    "But at the end of the day, the matter at hand is not personal. I do not think Platini is the right man for the new phase because this stage needs young blood, and minds which can understand the international needs -- not just the European ones," added Prince Ali, who failed in his attempt to unseat Blatter earlier this year.
      The Swiss has been in charge of FIFA since 1998 but decided to stand down on June 2 as the game's world governing body battled two corruption scandals.
      The 60-year-old Platini has yet to reveal a manifesto in support of his bid to become FIFA president, though he's already received the vocal backing of the English and Scottish Football Associations.
      UEFA refused to officially comment on Ali's opinion about Platini, but a source close to the Frenchman said the European football governing body's president was upset with the stance Prince Ali has taken. "Michel Platini is deeply disappointed with Prince Ali," said the source.
      "After all the support that Mr. Platini and UEFA gave Ali during his campaign, he does not understand this attitude from a man he used to consider a friend."
      Meanwhile, the 39-year-old Prince Ali is remaining tight lipped on his own intentions in entering the FIFA presidential race, with the vote to be held on February 26.
      "I am currently consulting some of the football federations, especially those seeking change and a better future for football," said Prince Ali.
      "It is the most popular sport and the entire world would love to see it continuously evolving for the better."
      FIFA was plunged into crisis in late May when seven officials were charged for racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering by the FBI.
      The charges are part of a U.S. prosecution that indicted a total of 14 people from around the globe.
      Meanwhile, a separate probe by Swiss authorities is investigating potential corruption into the bidding process for both the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.