Have you found your dream job?

Updated 1101 GMT (1901 HKT) November 16, 2015
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CNN asked its Twitter followers how they landed their dream jobs. We took some of our favorite responses of how to follow your passion and illustrated them. Some, like @HebExplorer, have turned a love of travel into a career. Design: Beth Brettingham
Others, like @Munche2008, find a reward in helping others. Design: Beth Brettingham
For some, like @KirbyChambliss, there's no substitute for hard work. Design: Beth Brettingham
@BenSouthall has made a living out of circumventing the globe. For him, it all started with an ad in the newspaper and a video application. He beat out 35,000 other applicants. Sometimes, you just have to take a chance. Design: Beth Brettingham
For @HannahJMcGahee, the best job in the world involves giving back to those less fortunate. Design: Beth Brettingham
Some, like those at @Write4Wellbeing, have combined multiple passions, like writing and self-help. Design: Beth Brettingham
The National Guard helped others, like @CapsGirl1985, to fulfill their dreams. Design: Beth Brettingham
For some, like @MJordan933, there's no substitute for long hours.
Others, like @EuropeanMRKT, took the leap and started their own ventures. Design: Beth Brettingham
Then again, some, like @SamleCX, find fulfillment in championing the next generation. Want to share your passion? Tell us what you love to do at @CNNI and tag it #CNNDreamJob Design: Beth Brettingham