Air show crash: Police say death toll 'may rise' as high as 20

British air show death toll rises
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    British air show death toll rises


British air show death toll rises 00:10

Story highlights

  • Death toll could rise to 20, police say
  • Police: The pilot survived but is critically injured
  • Plane crashed on England's A27 highway

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(CNN)Police said Monday that the death toll from the crash of a plane onto a highway Sunday at an air show in southeastern England "may rise" from the current "highly likely" count of 11.

"However, we do not expect that figure to be greater than 20, probably fewer," said Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry, of Sussex Police.
    Two days after a relic military jet plunged from the sky and crashed onto a busy UK highway, authorities searched for more possible victims.
    Sussex police announced Sunday at a press conference that they had the names of 11 people whom they are treating as "highly likely" to be dead. The identification process was a "technical" one that requires the help of the victims' next of kin. Earlier, they said seven people had been killed.
    Officials said a crane would be brought in Monday to haul the wreckage from the site.
    The Cold War-era Hawker Hunter jet crashed during an air show in southeastern England.
    All of those killed were on the busy A27 highway, which runs next to the Shoreham airport in Sussex, police Superintendent Jane Derrick said.
    At least 14 other people were injured.
    The pilot was pulled from the wreckage and airlifted to the Royal Sussex County Hospital, where he remained critically injured, Derrick said.
    "It is possible that there are still bodies at the scene, and it is important that our search is professional and thorough," Derrick told reporters.
    The jet was flying a loop at the Shoreham Airshow when it nosedived Saturday. The highway will remain closed as the search for other victims continues.
    The show featured vintage military aircraft and was put on by the Royal Air Forces Association.
    Shoreham Airshow organizers cancelled the Sunday session of the show following the accident.
    Authorities asked anybody with still or video images of the crash to contact them.
    "Sussex Police and the Air Accidents Investigation Branch have asked that anyone with photographs or video footage that may help with their investigations should send their contact details to," the airshow organizers said. "Do not send files, just contact details and information about the material you have."
    About 2,000 Hawker Hunter single-seat jets were built in the 1950s in England, the Netherlands and Belgium, according to IHS Jane's Defence Industry. The plane is about 46 to 49 feet long, depending on the model, with a wingspan of 33 feet 8 inches.