Life on Mars? You be the judge

Updated 1316 GMT (2116 HKT) August 28, 2015
Mars IguanaMars Iguana
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When is a rock more than just a rock? When it's an iguana, of course. Conspiracy theorists have been trawling through photos taken by NASA's Curiosity rover and pointing out mysterious objects that they say are proof of life on Mars. NASA
The Star Destroyer: UFO buffs claim this pic shows a Star Wars-like spaceship that crash landed on the red planet. NASA
The Squirrel: Observers spotted a squirrel crouched between two rocks in this Curiosity photo. NASA says rodents would be "further up the food chain" than Martian life, if it existed, ever made it to. NASA
The Strange Lady: This ghost-like "woman" seems to peering down at Curiosity from a cliff. NASA says it's probably just an oddly shaped drift of sand. NASA
The Pyramid: Alien hunters say this pyramid is roughly the size of a small car, and believe it may be the tip of a much larger pyramid buried underground. NASA
The Floating Rock: Eagle-eyed spectators spotted this sphere levitating above the surface of Mars. NASA
The Crab: One blogger spied a "crab-like" object clinging to the cliff on the right side of this photo. NASA
The Helmet: It's definitely a weirdly shaped rock. But is it a World War I helmet? That's what some have claimed. NASA
The Skull: This "humanoid skull" was spotted on Mars last year. Paranormal Crucible says "it's clearly not a rock." Right. NASA
The Dinosaur Spine: To the uninitiated, it looks like series of rocks protruding from the ground. But alien hunters say it's a fossilized dinosaur spine. NASA
The Mermaid: Before there was Curiosity, there was the Spirit rover, which captured this image of a "mermaid" in 2008. NASA