Donald Trump: Republican frontrunner lampooned in Mexican TV soccer ad

    Story highlights

    • Donald Trump speech on Mexico sent up in new TV Azteca advert
    • Advert promotes upcoming October clash between U.S. and Mexico
    • Commercial portrays Mexico as the dominant soccer force

    (CNN)Mexico has played its trump card ahead of a key soccer match against the U.S.

    Donald Trump -- the Republican frontrunner for the U.S. presidency -- has been less than complimentary about his nation's southern neighbor.
      He has notably accused the Mexican government of flooding the U.S. with rapists, criminals, and drug traffickers, while promising -- if elected -- to build a 2,000-mile-long wall along the two countries' border, and he says, he will make Mexico pay for it.
      Now Trump has been lampooned in a new TV Azteca -- Mexico's second-biggest broadcaster -- advert promoting its coverage of the upcoming 2017 Confederations Cup playoff clash on October 10 between the U.S. and Mexico.
      Using footage from a Trump speech about Mexico given in June, the Mexican television station manages to poke fun at the USA team, while portraying its own side as the dominant soccer force in the process.
      "When Mexico is sending its people, they're not sending their best," Trump can be heard saying as images flash across the screen of Mexican players lighting up the U.S.'s own Major League Soccer division.
      Trump continues his speech as Mexican goals against the U.S. fly in from all angles, before the advert culminates with El Tri's recent Gold Cup triumph -- won in Philadelphia -- its neighbor's own backyard in July.
        "Our country is in serious trouble," Trump, whose campaign team was not immediately available for comment, concludes. "We don't have victories anymore. The American dream is dead."