Monaco Yacht Show 2015: Must-have toys and showstopper superyachts

By Sheena McKenzie, For CNN

Published 1135 GMT (1935 HKT) September 22, 2015
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For the superyacht owner willing to spend tens of millions of dollars on their luxury vessel, the question arises -- why stop with the boat?
As the Monaco Yacht Show launches this week, we take a look at the increasing number of high-tech water toys being offered alongside opulent superyachts.
From personal submarines, to walking speedboats, these techy toys will line up beside the mammoth yachts at the prestigious boat show, running from September 23 to September 26. Here are some of the best.

Deepflight Dragon: It might appear like a futuristic racing car, but the Deepflight Dragon (pictured) is a two-person electric submersible able to plunge 120 meters beneath the waves.
And it could be yours -- for a mere $1.5 million.
Courtesy Deepflight/Monaco Yacht Show
The fun needn't stop on land, with this eye-catching speedboat able to "walk" out of the water thanks to its two hydraulic "legs."
The Iguana Yacht can travel for around 800 meters on dry land and is intended for entering and exiting waterfront properties, rather than extended road journeys.
Courtesy Iguana/Monaco Yacht Show
Less of a toy, this is more a serious deep sea exploration machine. In 2013 the Triton Submarine captured a giant squid on camera, during an expedition to the bottom of the ocean.
Available in 11 different models, the sub can plunge anywhere between 300 meters and 11,000 meters under water -- with prices ranging between $2.35 million and $4.89 million.
Courtesy Triton/Monaco Yacht Show
It's difficult to pin down what exactly the Kormaran is -- with the flick of a switch it can transform into a monohull, katamaran, trimaran, and even bathing platform for swimming.
Courtesy Kormaran/Monaco Yacht Show
This submersible comes in a wide range of models -- from one to five person vessels, able to plunge anywhere between 100 meters and 300 meters below the water's surface.
A heavy duty research sub is also available which is able to dive 1,700 meters underwater and includes increased space for scientific equipment.
Courtesy Monaco Yacht Show/U-boat Worx
As the name suggests, the Monaco Yacht Show isn't just about state-of-the-art water toys. This is where some of the biggest -- and most expensive -- yachts in the world go on show to prospective buyers.
Courtesy Monaco Yacht Show/Columbus
This will be the 25th edition of the boat show, with 121 superyachts on display, and over 33,000 visitors expected over three days. Courtesy Monaco Yacht Show
The total value of the superyachts on show, is estimated at €3 billion ($3.38 billion). Courtesy Monaco Yacht Show
Here, a drone offers a bird's-eye view of the luxurious superyachts which this year have an average price of €25 million ($28 million). Courtesy Monaco Yacht Show
There will be 500 exhibitors in Monaco, including Italian shipbuilders San Lorenzo who have been creating luxury yachts since the 1950s. Today, their hefty range of superyachts are able to traverse the planet's most extreme environments.
Italy has the largest number of shipyards taking part in the show, with 43% of all yachts hailing from the country.
Courtesy Monaco Yacht Show/SanLorenzo
Dubbed the "Lady in Red" by promoters, the Baltic 116 Doryan harks back to a classic sailboat design. At over 35 meters long, the elegant vessel can accommodate 12 guests. Courtesy Jesus Renedo/Doryan/Monaco Yacht Show
Meet "Madam Kate," the latest offering from yacht builders Amels. The 60-meter-long boat features a pearlescent finish which sparkles in the sunlight. Courtesy Amels/Monaco Yacht Show
This sleek racer-cruiser yacht, called "Lady G," is just under 30 meters long, and was built by the South African-based Southern Wind shipyard. Courtesy Monaco Yacht Show/Southern Wind Shipyard
Italian-based shipbuilders, G-Yachts, will have three superyachts on show, including the 37-meter Harun (pictured). The lavish vessel features two jacuzzis and can accommodate 12 guests. Courtesy Carlo Borlenghi/G-Yachts/Monaco Yacht Show