Two Israelis shot and killed in West Bank

Story highlights

  • Couple said to have been killed in front of their four children
  • Israeli forces conducting search of the area, near Nablus

(CNN)An Israeli couple were shot and killed Thursday in the West Bank in front of their four children, according to Israeli officials.

"Initial reports suggest that moments ago, two Israeli civilians were shot to death when an assailant fired at their vehicle on a route between the communities of Elon Moreh and Itamar. Forces are conducting a search of the area," according to a text alert sent Thursday by the Israeli military spokesperson to CNN's Oren Liebermann.
    Israeli Defense Forces spokesman Peter Lerner said on Twitter that the couple were shot in front of their four children.
    Elon Moreh and Itamar are Israeli settlements in the northern part of the West Bank, near Nablus.