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Hundreds feared missing in Guatemala landslide
01:50 - Source: CNN

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NEW: Guatemala's Public Ministry says 131 people are dead, hundreds missing after a landslide in El Cambray

The side of a hill crashed down on a village, engulfing homes

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El Cambray is located about 10 miles east of Guatemala City.

Carefully, the diggers turned up sheet metal roofs, broken walls and the bodies of people trapped in the dirt bulging over much of the Guatemalan village.

By early Sunday, they had recovered nearly 90 bodies of people who died after the side of a towering hill broke loose suddenly and crashed down on the village in the darkness of Thursday night.

Since then, residents and rescuers have shoveled and even burrowed with their hands in search of the hundreds of victims the country’s Public Ministry estimates were inside the dozens of homes that were instantly engulfed by the landslide.

By Sunday evening, the ministry was reporting 131 people were dead and more than 300 still missing.