The women's battalion fighting ISIS

Published 0926 GMT (1726 HKT) October 7, 2015
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Xate Shingali is a Yazidi musician who has recruited over 100 girls and women to form the Sun Girls battalion. Bharati Naik/CNN
Shingali says many girls approach her to join and most families are very happy for their daughters to join the Sun Brigade. Bharati Naik/CNN
Shingali hopes that the girls will be properly trained in the next two months and be ready to take on ISIS. Bharati Naik/CNN
Noura, Adlah, Basma and Maha are four young Yazidi girls looking to join the Peshmerga to fight against ISIS. All of them say they want to protect the honor of their family and want to fight against ISIS abuse. Bharati Naik/CNN
Shingali says she is "Proud to see all the women from Yazidi fighting with Pehsmargha everywhere, and the first time that Kurdish women are fighting against ISIS." Bharati Naik/CNN