Gang rape of Australian teen gets caught on camera

Sydney gang rape camera intv _00003807
Sydney gang rape camera intv _00003807


    Police stumble upon footage of teen's gang rape


Police stumble upon footage of teen's gang rape 00:58

Story highlights

  • Five Sydney men arrested on sexual assault charges
  • Police stumbled upon footage from a seized GoPro-style camera
  • Victim, 16, is currently undergoing counseling

(CNN)Five individuals -- four men and a teenage boy -- have been arrested in connection with the gang-rape of a 16-year-old girl at a Sydney house party earlier in the year, New South Wales Police have said.

The incident was filmed on a GoPro-style camera, which was later seized by authorities in relation to an anti-graffiti operation. The sexual assault was discovered by police when viewing footage from the device.
    The party took place in the working-class Western Sydney suburb of St. Clair in May of this year, a NSW Police media release said.
    Police say that up to eight males were in the room when the girl was assaulted, with a number of them sexually assaulting the girl. As of Wednesday, police had arrested four men in their twenties and one 17-year-old boy.
    Charges range from "aggravated sexual assault in company," to "filming a person engaged in a private act." The underage suspect was also charged with resisting arrest.
    One of the suspects was charged only with concealment of a "serious indictable offense."
    A police spokesperson told Australian media that the girl was undergoing counseling and was likely unconscious or semi-conscious during the ordeal.
    "It was quite obvious to investigators when viewing this footage that the child was either unconscious or semi-conscious during these assaults," Detective Chief Inspector Peter Yeomans, from the Child Abuse Squad said.
    The teen did not report the rape at the time of the incident.