Police: 'Property' recovered in London's Hatton Garden jewel heist

Story highlights

  • Police conduct search in north London
  • Gems, cash stolen from a safe deposit firm in London's Hatton Garden area in April
  • Four have pleaded guilty in connection with heist; three pleaded not guilty and will face trial

London (CNN)It's been six months since someone nabbed cash and gems -- reportedly valued at up to £200 million, or $300 million -- from safe deposit boxes in London's Hatton Garden jewelry district.

Now, it appears, authorities have at least some of that loot back.
    The Metropolitan Police said Friday that "property was recovered" by officers the previous day in north London. The statement did not elaborate about what was found, noting the search was "part of an ongoing investigation."
    In April, over the four-day Easter holiday, thieves gained access to a basement vault through an elevator shaft and used a drill to bore through a 6-foot wall to reach safe deposit boxes at Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd., according to investigators. Police said that 60 to 70 boxes were opened during the burglary.
    Authorities declined to specify the value of the stolen money and gems, though British media reported the $300 million figure. Police faced criticism over the spectacular heist for failing to respond promptly despite a burglar alarm going off.
    Nine people were arrested in May in connection with the heist. And last month, four -- John Collins, 74, Daniel Jones, 58, Terence Perkins, 67, and Brian Reader, 76 -- pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit burglary.
    Three other defendants denied conspiracy to commit burglary and were scheduled to go on trial starting November 16. They also face a charge of conspiracy to convert or transfer criminal property between April 1 and May 19.