#FlyToFreedom: You can help end slavery

#FlyToFreedom: Here's how you can help end slavery
#FlyToFreedom: Here's how you can help end slavery


    #FlyToFreedom: Here's how you can help end slavery


#FlyToFreedom: Here's how you can help end slavery 01:26

(CNN)You might think slavery is a thing of the past, but it's all around us.

There are between 20 million and 36 million slaves in the world right now, including 5.5 million children. The CNN Freedom Project has been shining a spotlight on the horrors of modern slavery, but now we need your help. We want you to join our #FlyToFreedom campaign to help fight slavery.

Help us end slavery:

    We're asking you to:
    1) Make a paper plane.
    2) Write a pledge on the plane -- something you're going to do to help fight modern slavery.
    3) Show us your plane and pledge on social media using the hashtag #FlyToFreedom.
    4) Nominate two friends to do the same by tagging them in your social media post.
    Your planes and pledges could be featured on CNN.com and in a special video on CNN International TV.

    Your pledge can make a difference

    Here are some examples of pledges you could make:
    - "I will donate to an anti-trafficking charity."
    Go to cnn.com/freedomcharities to see just some of the charities working in this field.
    - "The next gift I buy will be slavery free."
    You can find out more about forced labor in the supply chain at slaveryfootprint.org. Fairtrade, Fair Trade USA and GoodWeave are among the organizations that certify that products are slavery free.
    - "I will ask my government representative what they are doing to end slavery."
    Or you can come up with your own pledge -- whatever you think you can do to help.
    Please take a few minutes to join us. Together, let's show the world that it's time to end slavery.
    Follow the #FlyToFreedom initiative at @CNNFreedom.
    Learn more about modern slavery at CNN.com/freedom.