IDF: Arab-Israeli paraglides into Syria from Golan Heights

(CNN)An Arab-Israeli man was spotted paragliding across the Golan Heights border into Syria by an Israeli Defense Force watchtower Saturday afternoon, according to a statement posted on an official IDF Twitter account.

The IDF statement says that its initial investigation suggests the person crossed intentionally.
A Jerusalem Post article quoted an IDF spokesman as saying that the paraglider, a 23-year-old resident of the town of Jaljulia, crossed the border in order to join a militant group in Syria.
    "We believe he planned this move to the other side, and joined a group there," Brig. Gen. Moti Almoz told reporters during a conference call, the Post reported.
      Another IDF statement said that Israeli forces are still trying to ascertain the individual's intentions.
      Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned anyone who would fight for enemy groups.
      "Yesterday, an Israeli citizen crossed our borders in order to join enemy groups in Syria. We will work to revoke his citizenship. Whoever joins enemy groups in order to fight against us will not be an Israeli citizen," he said in a tweet in Hebrew.
      In a Facebook post in English, the Prime Minister's office said Netanyahu had reiterated to the Israeli Cabinet that citizenship would be revoked. "We will act to nullify his citizenship. That is what is done in any such case. Whoever joins the ranks of the enemy to fight against Israel, will not be an Israeli citizen," it quoted him as saying.
        The Golan Heights is regarded internationally as occupied territory despite Israeli annexation. It is home to 41,000 residents, including Jews, Druze and Alawites.
        Israel captured the territory from Syria during the 1967 Israel-Arab war, and it was eventually annexed.