What migrants left behind

Story highlights

  • Stray items left behind by migrants are found on the beach in Lesbos, Greece
  • Anna Pantelia gathers some up and photographs them in a studio

(CNN)After arriving in Lesbos, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, Anna Pantelia lined up with other photographers as they waited for another wave of migrants to arrive by boat.

But something else caught her eye.
    "I was looking down (at the beach) and I started noticing many objects -- baby clothes, passports," Pantelia said. "It was like the first thing that I noticed, and it was a bit dramatic."
      Strewn across the sand were all sorts of stray items that had been left behind: teddy bears, pacifiers, shoes, flotation devices, cell phones, photos, cigarettes. They belonged to migrants who traveled to Lesbos in search of a better life in Europe.
      Photographer Anna Pantelia
      "They walk for 70 kilometers (43.5 miles) to go where they get registered, so they have to leave as much as they can at the beach so they can be a bit lighter," said Pantelia, who was in Lesbos for the charity Save the Children UK. "They walk all the way. They could not take the bus (or) taxi. Now they start taking buses, but until the end of September they were not."
      Finding the abandoned items interesting, Pantelia gathered some up and photographed them in a studio with a simple white background.
      "We are used to seeing all the drama -- pictures of the boats and stuff