Flight 9268 airport memorial grows day by day

By Nic Robertson, CNN

Published 1246 GMT (2046 HKT) November 4, 2015
St. Petersburg airport memorial, Oct 31St. Petersburg airport memorial, Oct 31
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Metrojet Flight 9268 was supposed to land in St. Petersburg, Russia, on Saturday, October 31. Instead, it crashed in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, killing all 224 people on board. Within hours of the disaster, a small table was set up at the airport in St. Petersburg for people to lay flowers. Nic Robertson/CNN
The table was too small to contain the outpouring of flowers and candles, and soon they spilled onto neighboring benches and the ground. Nic Robertson/CNN
Children came to leave flowers the day after the crash. Nic Robertson/CNN
By nightfall a day after the crash, the impromptu memorial was spilling out all along the arrivals entrance to the airport. Nic Robertson/CNN
The youngest victim of the crash was Darina Gromova. Her mother posted a photo of the 10-month-old looking out an airport window before the fatal flight took off, and a mourner printed the picture and took it to the memorial. Nic Robertson/CNN
Even three days after the crash, the tribute to the victims continued to grow. And it shows no sign of slowing down as the world waits to learn why Flight 9268 ended in tragedy. Nic Robertson/CNN