What are your period options?

Updated 1830 GMT (0230 HKT) December 21, 2017
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Women who are menstruating have options. Period panties, like these created by Thinx, are absorbent and moisture-wicking. They're reusable and replace panty liners or tampons for some women on some days of their cycle. From Thinx
Disposable pads with an adhesive back are a popular option for women who are menstruating. Shutterstock
Reusable cloth pads are typically held in place by a snap and can be washed between uses. Shutterstock
About 70% of all American women use tampons, which are typically made of cotton, rayon and other fibers and are inserted into the vagina. Many can be worn for up to eight hours. Shutterstock
Reusable menstrual cups are often made of silicone. They're inserted into the vagina and can typically be worn for up to 12 hours before being emptied, washed and reinserted. Shutterstock
Disposable cups, such as the Softcup, are inserted into the vagina and can be worn for 12 hours before being removed and thrown away. Courtesy Softcup