Parisians united: What the attacks mean to us

People reflect on the Paris attacks
People reflect on the Paris attacks


    People reflect on the Paris attacks


People reflect on the Paris attacks 01:54

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  • Parisians share their thoughts on the horrific attack in their city that left at least 129 dead
  • "I find what happened dramatic and cruelly incomprehensible," said Augustine Bonobo, 62

Paris (CNN)Parisians joined together on Sunday to remember the victims of Friday's night terror attacks in the French capital that left at least 129 people dead. Some of those at Notre Dame cathedral in the center of the city explained why they attended the service.

Augustine Bonobo, 62

    "I find what happened dramatic and cruelly incomprehensible. I think we should do more -- blow for blow. I wish the EU would give more money to France to spy in people's houses ... to catch them before they act."

    Brigitte Boreau, 25

    "I know someone who lost someone, but my visit here tonight is spontaneous. It's emotion that brings me here. I had a strong desire to come and pray for the victims and their families, as the archbishop requested."

    Mathilde Bouttemy, 22 (right, with friend Helene Danschly, 22)

    "We came here to pay respects as group gatherings have been banned. It's not necessarily a religious symbol (that I'm here)."

    Roland, 54

    "I came here to pray for those who lost their lives."

    Romain Charvet, 28

    "I'm here for many reasons: it's a place to mourn, to think, to pray with other Parisians, Catholics, for all those who lost families and those injured.

    Ornella D'Amico, 27

    "I came here because for the past two days I didn't know what to do. I live in the 12th Arrondissement and it healed my heart to come tonight."

    Joao Melo

    "I came here to pray for these people. I want to be here with the world, because I'm Christian, and a Catholic. I spend some days in Paris. Yesterday I went to the Bataclan -- it was very sad. I prayed not only for Paris, but all those living under terrorism. Praying is not the only solution, but it's important."

    Viana Duarte

    "Friday night was terrifying knowing that my friends were so close to the attacks. It was the right thing for me to come to pray as a Catholic."

    Caroline Ashkboos-Stubbs

    "I'm obviously here to pay respects to people who suffered on Friday, to stick together to show these people they're not going to win. We can't rely on politicians to fight -- it's up to the people now. We must fight back against terrorists."

    Jonal Stubbs

    "I want to show all people who died on Friday some respect. To stand by all those innocent people. We need to be united in these times."

    Shaghayegh Azimi, 22

    "I came here to say as a Muslim that none of this has anything to do with Islam. They want to reach their goals by killing people and abusing Islam."