Globetrotting: The world's greatest riding adventures

Updated 1615 GMT (0015 HKT) November 18, 2015
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Galloping through the Okavango Delta in northern Botswana offers experienced riders the chance to get up close to nature's most extraordinary wild animals. In The Saddle Worldwide Riding Holidays
From the vantage point of the saddle, riders can expect to see elephants, lions, buffalo and antelope. In The Saddle Worldwide Riding Holidays
A UNESCO-listed World Heritage site, the Okavango Delta covers an area in excess of two million hectares (five million acres) and is home to some of the world's most endangered species. In The Saddle Worldwide Riding Holidays
After a long day in the saddle, guests sleep in luxurious tented bedrooms which include bathroom and shower facilities. In The Saddle Worldwide Riding Holidays
If lying on a beach doesn't appeal, then why not try riding along one? Fantasia Adventure Holidays offers treks for experienced riders from its base in the province of Cadiz. Fantasia Adventure Holidays
As well as the unspoilt beaches of the Costa de la Luz, there are coastal trails through pine forests, offering tranquility and a counterbalance to the exhilaration of galloping across the sand flats and breakers. Fantasia Adventure Holidays
The area is also an excellent place for birdwatchers and wind and kite surfing. Fantasia Adventure Holidays
Expeditions also include rides across Cape Trafalgar -- where Britain's Royal Navy defeated Napoleon at the eponymous battle in 1805.
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Fantasia Adventure Holidays
If you're after a more remote holiday, then Mongolia could be the perfect riding destination. In The Saddle Worldwide Riding Holidays
A Kazakh nomad with a Golden Eagle in the Altai Mountains in the western Mongolia. Locals have hunted with eagles for centuries. In The Saddle Worldwide Riding Holidays
The locals appreciate tourists who can ride, says James Sales from In The Saddle.
"Mongolians think that is fantastic because it's a link between two completely different cultures -- so you already have a head start," Sales told CNN.
"Your life is a bit different but you have a common interest -- they are often as interested in you as you are in them."
In The Saddle Worldwide Riding Holidays
Riding across the vast Mongolian wildernesses is a pleasure that future generations might not get to experience, Sales thinks. "Places like Mongolia are changing so quickly -- they've already got mobile phones and satellite dishes, so I don't know how long it's going to be like that," he says. In The Saddle Worldwide Riding Holidays
Visitors can stay in traditional yurts during their stay in Mongolia. In The Saddle Worldwide Riding Holidays
Riding through the Andes on a Peruvian Paso is one of the great wild equine adventures, with widescreen views of snow-capped mountains. In The Saddle Worldwide Riding Holidays
"People call the Peruvian Paso the Rolls Royce of horses," says Sales. In The Saddle Worldwide Riding Holidays
"They have a really smooth gait. It's just a joy to ride them no matter where you are and then you have the added aspect of being in the Peruvian mountains in the Sacred Valley near Cusco," Sales says. In The Saddle Worldwide Riding Holidays
Poncho-wearing riders pose for a photo during a trip to Peru. In The Saddle
Riders can expect to experience all types of terrain on the Sacred Valley ride. In The Saddle Worldwide Riding Holidays
Spectacular scenery on New Zealand's South Island is best explored on horseback. Dart Stables in Glenorchy offers a range of treks and rides based around "The Lord of the Rings" film trilogy. Dart Stables
The landscape around Lake Wakatipu -- New Zealand's longest lake -- will be familiar to fans of the films directed by Peter Jackson. Dart Stables
Among Dart Stables' packages is the 22-kilometer "Trilogy Loop." Dart Stables
Dart Stables also has a horse named "Frodo." Dart Stables
Montana is a popular destination for riders looking to experience the cowboy life. Michael Chilcoat
Visitors to Rock Creek have around 6,600 acres of stunning scenery at their disposal. Gordon Gregory
Visitors can also try their hand at barrel racing and roping. Michael Chilcoat
The Ranch at Rock Creek has about 75 horses, so you can live out your cowboy dreams for real. Ranch at Rock Creek