Ben Hobday battles back from cancer

Published 1112 GMT (1912 HKT) November 20, 2015
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Ben Hobday riding Mulrys Error at the UK's Badminton Horse Trials in May. The following month, the British eventer was diagnosed with cancer. © Nico Morgan
Hobday was told he had Burkitt's Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, an aggressive type of cancer that breaks out in the lymph glands. © Nico Morgan
Right from the word go, Hobday adopted a positive attitude to his diagnosis. "The reality is every day I'm looking death in the eye riding a horse," he told CNN. "The way I tell myself is that people have this every single day and I'm no different to them so you pick yourself up and get on with it." © Nico Morgan
The 27-year-old poses with friends during his chemotherapy treatment. Ben Hobday
Hobday was also determined to smile as much as he could through his treatment, making light of hair loss by donning a wig and posting other uplifting updates on Instagram. Ben Hobday
"It feels like 15 days of having petrol pumped into you," Hobday said of his chemotherapy treatment. "It is the only way I can describe it." © Nico Morgan
Hobday has ridden at both the Badminton Horse Trials and the Burghley Horse Trials. © Nico Morgan
Friends and well-wishers were never far away. Some kept his spirits up making tops printed with photos of him riding. Ben Hobday
Hobday surrounded by his family. He also received support from Virgin boss Richard Branson, who posted a video message online. Ben Hobday
Hobday looking suave during less troubled times in 2011. © Nico Morgan
On November 18 2015, after five months of treatment, Hobday was told by his doctors that he was in remission. © Nico Morgan
"REMISSION!!! Cancer NO more!!!" he tweeted to his 14,000 Twitter followers. Now he's looking forward to getting back in the saddle. © Nico Morgan