Survivors of the carnage in Paris: What they saw, what they felt, and what they carry

Updated 1358 GMT (2158 HKT) November 21, 2015

Paris (CNN)One woman curled into a fetal position and held her breath as bullets flew. Another took the hand of a stranger dying in a pool of blood. A man pulled a blanket up to warm a young girl's feet, only to see the fatal wound on her side.

The terrorist assault on Paris killed 130 and injured hundreds more -- most at a rock concert at the Bataclan, others while unwinding at restaurants, cafés and a bar.
The attacks also left thousands reeling -- their minds scarred by indelible images and grief. Here are their stories, in their own words, of a Friday night interrupted.
The Bataclan

'Terrorists are shooting, please come!' Denys Plaud The Bataclan

Denys Plaud was inside the concert hall to hear his favorite rock 'n' roll music when the shooting started.
"I heard the sound of firecrackers mixed with screams and I realized something scary was happening.
"I ran up the stairs to the third floor and found a small room up there; I was followed by others who were also trying to hide, so it quickly became full.
"We closed the door and put a fridge that was in the room up against the door to make it difficult for the terrorists to open it. Then we called the police and said, 'There's an emergency, terrorists are shooting, please come!'
"They told us to stay in the room and not to come out until the emergency response team arrived, so we turned off the lights and our phones.
Denys Plaud says his love of dancing saved his life.
"We were in there for an hour and a half; there was shooting and then silence, shooting, then silence.
"Eventually we heard the terrorists shooting very close to the room where we were. Bullets hit the wall that I was next to, and I felt the impact. I kept thinking, 'I hope the wall will stand.'
"One of the bullets hit a pipe or something so there was water pouring down, and one of the girls in the room was wounded; it was very, very long and difficult, and even in the last hour when there was no shooting we followed our instructions and waited in the darkness.
"When the police, the emergency team, finally came they said, 'Don't look around, keep straight.'
"They told us not to look around, but [it] was a bloody mess, there was blood everywhere -- even people alive were covered with blood.
"I saw dead corpses all over the place -- it was like a battlefield, a bloody battlefield.