Chinese couple relive wedding day, 70 years later

Cao Yuehua and his wife Wang Deyi on the day they were married in 1945, and 2015.

Story highlights

  • Wang Deyi, 98, and Cao Yuehua, 97, were married in 1945
  • As young lovers, they were separated by WWII
  • Their four children have helped them relive their most memorable moments

Beijing (CNN)An elderly couple in China has celebrated their 70th anniversary by re-enacting their wedding day in exactly the same place.

Cao Yuehua married his sweetheart Wang Deyi on November 24, 1945 in Northern Hot Springs Park, along the banks of Jialing River in Chongqing, southwest China.
    Last week, their four children helped them recreate the day, complete with wedding dress, veil and a big pinned flower for the groom.
    Cao Yuehua, left, and Wang Deyi as young lovers in China.
    "They have been together for so long, going through the war, the political turmoil and diseases, and can still stay with each other and love each other. We want to help them to commemorate their love," the couple's youngest son, 60-year-old Cao Pangpei told CNN.

    Young love

    Wang and Cao met in 1943 in Kunming, Yunnan Province, at a ball held by National Southwestern Associated University, which was organized by staff and students of China's most prestigious educational institutions who evacuated from enemy-occupied areas during World War II.
    Wang, left, and Cao, right, both attended prestigious universities in China.
    "My dad asked my mom for a dance and they fell in love with each other almost at first sight. That's it. That's how my father met my mother," said th