#CNNStartupHelp: How did you turn business failure into success?

Story highlights

  • Some start-ups take years to find their feet
  • Many business failures often lead to even greater successes
  • Have you overcome failure when starting up your business? We'd love to hear about it using #CNNStartupHelp

(CNN)Entrepreneurs don't stumble into success overnight. For many, it takes years of effort -- and often failures -- to get a business off the ground.

CNN wants to hear how different start-ups handled failure, and what they did to turn their business around.
    What did you do when it didn't go as planned? How did you pick up the pieces to carry on and become successful despite various setbacks?
    We'll also hear experiences and suggestions from successful entrepreneurs who turned their failures around.
    Share your experiences and tips on how to overcome failure when starting up your business on Twitter at #CNNStartupHelp.
    Let us know what helped you get back in the game after an idea or venture failed, and you could be featured in our story which will be published on 16 December.