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Gift guide: 11 ideas for a happier, healthier New Year

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While gifting, consider your friends' and family members' New Year's resolutions

Showing support for their goals could be the greatest gift of all

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Don’t we all have that one person on our holiday shopping list who is just impossible to buy for? You could give them yet another gift card or artisanal chocolate bar – or maybe you can get them something that really will make them happier.

This season, ask your picky partner or has-everything sibling about their New Year’s resolution. There’s a good chance they made one – about 40% of Americans do – and the answer could give you some great gifting insight.

Many of us set out to stay fit and healthy, lose weight and enjoy life more. According to a Nielsen survey, those were the top three resolutions in 2015. Saving money, spending more time with friends and family and getting organized were also high on the list.

However these popular goals may be a bit too ambitious, which could explain why New Year’s resolutions often melt away with the winter snow. A classic 1985 study found that 55% of people stuck to their goals through January, and 40% made it to June.

Here is where your thoughtful gift comes in. Experts think part of the reason resolutions fail is that people are not motivated enough to do the work to change their habits. That shiny new gadget you give them to track their fitness or prepare healthier meals could make those goals more realistic – and more fun! – to attain.

You will also be showing your support to your loved one in their new endeavors, which could be the greatest gift of all.