#YouAintNoMuslimBruv: Brits unite to condemn London Tube attack

The scene outside the Leytonstone stations after a stabbing incident took place.

Story highlights

  • After a knife attack at a London Tube station, a bystander apparently shouted: "You ain't no Muslim bruv! You ain't no Muslim!"
  • #YouAintNoMuslimBruv began trending on Twitter in effort to set attack apart from Islam

(CNN)In a video showing the frenzied aftermath of a knife attack at a London tube station Saturday, the voice of one man shouts loud and clear: "You ain't no Muslim bruv! You ain't no Muslim!"

As police investigate the motive behind the attack, the bystander's retort -- along with the hashtag #youaintnomuslimbruv -- has gone viral on social media.
    Someone shouting, "Drop it, drop it you fool!" was also heard in the footage.
    London Underground's trademark notice boards, which usually inform commuters of delays and line closures, apparently publicized this message instead (although some say the message was Photoshopped):
    Others want a way of preserving the movement:
    It was claimed that even during the attack, the British way of life went on: