Tired of catcalls? Pink Taxi promises to drive women around Cairo peacefully

(CNN)For many women in Egypt, fending off catcalls and lewd comments is a grim routine of daily life.

According to the UN, over 99% have been victims of sexual harassment which often takes place on public transport or in cabs.
But a car service driven by women, and accepting only female passengers, is promising a secure way to travel in the Egyptian capital.
    Pink Taxi's drivers take only pre-booked rides and know how to navigate Cairo's ferocious traffic jams -- clad in fuchsia uniforms nonetheless.

      Secure spaces

      "I saw that society needed a safe mode of transportation for women, and I began to think what I could provide," says Reem Fawzy, Pink Taxi's founder.
      Her drivers are required to have a university degree, speak English and have at least two years of experience driving in Cairo.
        Cars are equipped with a GPS and a camera, as well as an SOS