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Cameron: 'Trump would unite us all against him'
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NEW: Trump embroiled in war of words with former Scottish leader over golf course

UK PM David Cameron says Trump's Muslim ban proposal is "divisive" and "stupid"

There has been a strong reaction to the U.S. presidential hopeful in the UK

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The frosty British reaction to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump continued Wednesday, with the UK’s Prime Minister branding Trump’s proposed Muslim travel ban “stupid,” and the former leader of Scotland labeling the mogul “three times a loser.”

Prime Minister David Cameron was responding to a question from an opposition lawmaker on whether he would use anti-extremism legislation to block Trump from visiting the UK, in line with growing calls to do so following Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

Cameron said Trump’s proposal was “divisive, stupid and wrong,” but that he did not support a British ban on the U.S. presidential hopeful entering the country.

“If he came to visit our country, I think he would unite us all against him,” he told British parliamentarians.

A British petition calling for the U.S. presidential hopeful to be banned from entering the UK has attracted more than half a million signatures since it was launched last week – more than five times the amount required for a committee to consider sending the motion for parliamentary debate.

Trump loses court case

Meanwhile, Trump became embroiled in a war of words Wednesday with Alex Salmond, a British lawmaker who was the previous First Minister of Scotland.

The spat flared after Britain’s Supreme Court unanimously knocked back Trump’s appeal against a wind farm being built overlooking one of his high-end golf courses in Scotland – a case which pitted the businessman-turned-politician against the Scottish government, which had approved the development.

Trump, whose mother was Scottish, has spent years fighting the installation of 11 offshore turbines within sight of his Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeen, Scotland, arguing they would be a blight on the coastal landscape.

“It’s once, twice, three times a loser for Mr. Trump,” Salmond told CNN, referring to his case’s progress through successive courts of law.

He told CNN the Scottish government had originally welcomed Trump’s golf business plans, but found that they did not deliver promised economic benefits to the region.

He argued that Trump had alienated Scottish people