10 reasons John Boyega is our favorite celebrity right now

John Boyega poses with a lightsaber at a "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" fan event in Tokyo, Japan.

(CNN)He's the breakout star of "The Force Awakens" and in the space of weeks has become a household name. By now, John Boyega needs no introduction.

As disillusioned stormtrooper Finn, the son of Nigerian emigres is a big reason behind "The Force Awakens'" record opening weekend -- but he's not letting success go to his head.
Here's how Boyega has managed to nail the business of being Hollywood hot property:

    1. He took on the haters and blew them out of the water


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    When the teaser trailer for "The Force Awakens" emerged, the first shot was of Boyega, a black stormtrooper. The internet did what it does best and hit the outrage button: "Black stormtrooper? Unheard of!" Boyega's response: "Get used to it."
    Skip forward a few months and he's the critics' new darling and superstardom beckons.

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    Yeah, we'd look like that too.

    2. The guy's got an insane work ethic

    Boyega's brutal press tour has seen him zig-zag across the globe in the last fortnight. From New York to Seoul to Tokyo, Los Angeles, London and New York, then back to London, he's clocked a fair few air miles.
    The guy should follow in the footsteps of Harrison Ford and get his pilot's license.

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    3. He's keeping it real with the fans

    Over the weekend Boyega dropped in to ten screenings of "The Force Awakens" in New York and London, all within the space of 48 hours. What's more crazy? Disney didn't make him do it -- it was his idea!

    4. ...And with Hollywood royalty

    Last year Boyega took Harrison Ford for a meal at one of his local Peckham haunts, Nigerian restaurant 805 on the Old Kent Road. Its not every day you see Han Solo tucking into pounded yam and egusi soup.

    5. He's a role model for young kids everywhere

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    He's on your screens and soon he'll be under your Christmas tree. In the words of Boyega, "Chocolate man located! Aisle five!"

    6. He's proud of his Nigerian roots

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    And why wouldn't he be?

    7. But he's still just a kid from South London

    Peckham's finest. And what?

    8. He's busy schooling Papa Boyega

    When you tell your Nigerian dad you've just been cast in Star Wars!

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    We've got a feeling he's heard of "Star Wars" by now.

    9. And knows not to mess with David Beckham


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    We wouldn't want another metatarsal injury now, would we?

    10. He knows he's in it for the long haul... and he loves it

    The Chinese premiere is December 27 and filming for Episode VIII starts in a few months. Episode IX meanwhile is due some time in 2019.

    Have you felt it ?

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    John Boyega, may the Force be with you.