Migrants drown off the coast of Turkey, search and rescue mission launched

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  • 21 migrants have been rescued off Turkey's coast
  • More than a million migrants entered Europe this year

(CNN)The Turkish coast guard launched a search and rescue mission after at least nine migrants drowned off the nation's coast.

Eleven people remain missing and 21 have been rescued, the coast guard said Thursday.
    There was no information on their country of origin.
    The International Organization for Migration released a report this week saying more than a million migrants had entered Europe this year.
    The figures show that the vast majority -- 971,289 -- have come by sea over the Mediterranean. Another 34,215 have crossed from Turkey into Bulgaria and Greece by land.
    Among those traveling by sea, 3,695 are known to have drowned or remain missing as they attempted to cross the sea on unseaworthy boats, according to IOM figures. That's a rate of more than 10 deaths each day this year.