Houses torched, 2 killed in Kenya tribal clashes over stolen livestock

Story highlights

  • Maasai and Kipsigis fought "over stolen livestock," the Kenyan Red Cross says
  • 300 have fled and set up camp elsewhere amid the ongoing fighting, the agency adds

(CNN)Thefts of livestock spurred violent clashes Saturday in Kenya, resulting in the torching of approximately 200 houses and at least two deaths, the Red Cross said.

The clashes between Maasai and Kipsigis -- two tribes in Kenya -- centered around the community of Olposimoru, according to the Red Cross.
    In addition to those killed, 12 other casualties were transported to the county hospital in Narok.
    The same aid agency tweeted that some 300 people fled the violence and set up camp in Olenguruone, a town in western Kenya about 200 miles northwest of Nairobi.
    "There is a likelihood of increased displacement due to active fighting currently ongoing," the Red Cross said around 4 p.m. (8 a.m. ET) Saturday.