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Ivanka Trump: My father would be 'amazing for women'

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Ivanka Trump opened up about her father's presidential run in an interview with Town and Country

Trump defended her father against charges of sexism, saying he's "highly gender neutral"

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Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump again defended her father amid accusations of sexism after his attacks against Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and past jabs at Carly Fiorina and FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly.

“He 100% believes in equality of gender, so, yes, absolutely — socially, politically, and economically, confidence in women to do any job that a man can do, and my whole life has been proof of that,” the 34-year-old said in a cover story interview with Town and Country magazine, which will be out on newsstands January 5.

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Trump, who is the Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions at the Trump Organization, cites her own position and success as proof that her father is “highly gender-neutral” in his praise and criticism.

“Otherwise, I wouldn’t be where I am. If he didn’t feel that women were as competent as men, I would be relegated to some role subordinate to my brothers,” Trump said. “I think this is one of his great strengths: He fully prioritizes merit and accomplishment and skill and ability over background, education, and gender.”

Ivanka Trump, who told CNN in an October interview, “I’m a businessperson, not a politician, so I’ll leave politics to other members of the family,” said that as his daughter, “It would be a little strange” if she didn’t ever disagree with her dad.

“In a political capacity, I don’t. It’s his campaign. I don’t feel that’s my role. But I would challenge him as a child. That’s what children do,” Trump said. “(My daughter) Arabella challenges me every day. People ask me, do I ever disagree with my father? It would be a little strange if I didn’t.”

Asked whether she has ever considered running for public office, Trump said that while “It’s not something I’ve ever been inclined to do,” it “doesn’t mean that when I’m 50 I won’t have a change of heart.”

Trump is set to have her third child this spring and the Republican presidential front-runner will become an eight-time grandfather.