Internet takes a dip in Periscope #DrummondPuddleWatch

New York (CNN)The Internet sometimes fixates on strange things.

On Wednesday, it was a large puddle in England.
Almost 20,000 people watched a Periscope livestream of people crossing a puddle in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. One person even brought a float, in an attempt to paddle across.
    The Periscope was streamed by Drummond Central, "a strategic marketing, creative, digital and social media agency," according to its Twitter account.
      With bated breath, the Internet live-tweeted, as ... people jumped over the puddle. Will he make it? Look at that jump!
      There was the guy who placed a "slippery when wet sign." And the guy with a raft. And one with a surfboard, too.
        As the puddle started making a splash on Twitter, Photoshop artists and brands chimed in, too.
          Someone on eBay is even trying to sell a bottle of Drummond puddle water. The auction is currently up to 66,000.03 pounds ($96,546.82).